About Me

Hello, there! My name is Allyson, and I am a dramaturg interested in feminist theatre, dark comedies, and plays in development. I hold a degree from Valdosta State University with concentrations in Theatre Management, Theatre Performance, and History. I am living in New York City working with the Letter of Marque Theater Co. and am a member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. Recent projects include acting as a dramaturg for the Draft One New Play Festival and co-producing Daisy Theatricals' Talkin' Theatre program. I am a lover of the color pink, French Revolution history, and my puppy named Daisy!


Cayenne, Playwright

"Allyson was eager to listen, make suggestions, and offer guiding questions to help fine-tune the intention of the material. She has great instincts about when something feels off and is always open to talk it through to find solutions - never pushing an agenda and always in service of the play. Writing can be a messy process and sometimes a vulnerable one. Throughout my time working with Allyson, I always got the sense that she was behind me 100%, never judging me or the material. She is also hyper-organized, reliable, and a wonderful person to be around!"

Melissa P., Director

"Allyson's natural sense of curiosity and her keen analytical instincts make her one of the most promising young dramaturgs I have ever worked with. She is a marvel at sensing when the voice of individual characters lacks cohesiveness or clarity, and her strong interpersonal and collaborative skills make others eager to accept and make changes based on her superb critical analysis of texts. Her eager desire to work in this field is impressive, and your program would no doubt benefit from her passion, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and sharp writing skills."

Melissa M., Playwright

"Allyson is a true asset to any playwright. She is able to adapt to what a writer needs and develop creative solutions to bring one's vision and voice to life. Without Allyson's support, I wouldn't be where I am in my writing career. She has not only provided tools and guidance for my work, but she has given me the confidence I needed to push my abilities to their true potential. Plus, her dramaturgical notes belong in the Museum of Modern Art."

Lily, Playwright

"Allyson is very hands-on and attentive, giving constructive criticism and insight whenever needed. She provided me with a packet that included articles relating to my play’s plot and themes, poetry and essays with similar vibes, and further works by creatives referenced in the play. She also proofread the play several times and provided me with a list of uncaught spelling or grammatical errors along with their page and line numbers. Overall, Allyson was a dedicated dramaturg and an invaluable help to me as a playwright. Her thorough research as well as her delightful attitude made her a pleasure to work with, and I cannot recommend her enough."